Puzzle Day 2018 Solutions – #5 Hydrocross

5 hydcross

So let’s take a look at the hydrocross puzzle. So all we have to start with is this very lovely colorful set of squares and nine words, no other clues. So you, kind of, have to figure out where to get started on this one. And maybe if you did some googling or you try to figure out that all of these words have something in common, for example, they all have to do with water or they’re all related to water in some way, that might have eventually lead you to realize that all of these squares that you’re seeing are actually a special kind of flag called International Maritime signaling flags. And they all represent a very specific letter of the alphabet. And you can find this list online. And once you do that, you can actually translate, basically, what you’re seeing here into this here, and then basically, this, kind of, boils down to a simple word search. The real trick of this puzzle is just figuring out what the heck those squares actually mean. Then we can just, kind of, figure out—find all the words in the puzzle. So for example, we can find aqua here, canal there, dam sort of goes diagonally like that. We have drain, moat, moist, soggy, tarn, and then the very last word is tied which you’re going to see it, sort of, diagonally. We’re going catch that E at the bottom, but we’ve already circled all the other letters. And that leaves us with five letters that are not actually encircled or have never been captured by any other word. And if we read those, we get this which does not make any sense at all. So what can we do? Well, we can just try and unscramble them. Well, if we unscramble them, we get two words and they’re both related to water. But fortunately, this puzzle gave the clue that the we’re actually looking for is the one that ends in a consonant, and this ocean as the answer to this puzzle.