3 Word Ladder


#3: Word Ladder+

Now let’s turn our attention to the Word Ladder puzzle. So in Word Ladder, we have a set of -- a big grid, a bunch of clues on the right , a couple of colored squares that correspond to the answer key you’ll see in the puzzle itself. And we’re told that we can progress from one word to the next changing only one letter at a time. Now it’s possible to solve this puzzle going from the top down, from the bottom up, starting in the middle and then figuring out. We’re just going to go from the top down. But there are, of course, many different ways that you could approach this one. So we start with the word lend. And we’re told that if we change one letter, we can get a word that means flex slightly. Well, that’s bend. A musical group is a band. A beach fine would be sand. Spoken is said. A wind catcher –this one might have been a little bit trickier, but that’s sail. Loam, that’s soil. Heat in water is to boil. Timber to Jacques –that’s another sort of tricky clue. What this one’s trying to get you to guess was the word for wood in French, as somebody named Jacques might be, and that’s bois. A Jewish ceremony is bris. A Military brison is a brig. To boats is to brag. A spoiled one would be a brat. Rhythm is beat. To carry or hold is to bear something. An alcoholic beverage, in this case, might be beer. A soothsayer is another word for fortune teller or a seer. To burn or scorch something is to sear it. To render something impervious is to seal it. Not fictional is real. 500 sheets or another term for that is a ream, such as a paper. To have wanderlust means you want to roam. An enclosure might be a room. A sonic effect would be a boom. Some sturdy footwear –boot. A pirate’s quest –they’re looking for loot. To be disoriented is to be lost. If something is terminal, it is last. And an ensemble might be a cast. And that finally, we can go from cast to cash. And then, if we just basically line up all the color-coded letters that we see in the answer, we find that the word is coinage.