Let’s take a look at the puzzle Mastermind, and how you might solve this one. So this puzzle, we have two grids. They look like this. We have a couple of extra pieces of information. The first we know is that the answer 0,1,2,0. And we’re also told to ignore the second grid until we have solved the first one. So that’s what we’re going to do. Now the title of this puzzle is Mastermind, and the clue here is that there is a game called Mastermind that uses these black and white pegs pegs to indicate - - basically, black indicates in the game, itself, color, but it this puzzle number is in the correct location and the correct value. And a whote peg indicates that the number is in the answer, but it’s not in the right spot. And so based on this, we can figure out where everything goes. And so, for example, if we know the answer is 0,1,2,0, we have this third column that has four black dots in it, that must mean that order, 0, 1, 2, 0 has to go into that column. And now, from here, we basically just have to do quite a bit of deduction to figure out where everything else goes. So for example, these two orange squares, we know that they have to be 0’s. How do we know they have to be 0’s? Because we know that the first and the fourth row both have four white pegs, which means, there are two 0’s, a 1 and a 2 in those rows, but they’re not in the right positions. None of them are in the right positions. So if they were in the corners, if those 0’s were in the corners, they would be in the right positions, right? 0, 1, 2, 0, for example – so the 0 can’t possibly be in the corners. And so we know that those have to be zeros. Now let’s look at the corners, we know that all of these squares have to be 1’s and 2’s, again, for the same reason that we just had before where we know that the four numbers in the row are 0, 1, 2, and 0, but they’re not in the right order . We, thus, know that the corners have to be 1’s and 2’s. And because of that, that means that, actually, these spaces, absolutely, it has to be 1,2, in this order. And the reason for that is that the column has two black dots, which means there are only two correct numbers in the correct locations in this column. So again, column, because it only has two black dots, that means that there can only be two numbers in the correct positions. And we know that the corners can’t be zeros, so they have to be 1’s and 2’s, which means, by implication, this has to be 1,2 exactly there. Now let’s look at this one. We know that the 2, the second 2 there is in the right spot. And we know that there are two other digits that are in the wrong spot, but are correct. That’s what the two white pegs in that row mean so that the second 2 in this row is correctly positioned 0, 1, 2, 0. The other two digits are correct but they’re in the wrong spots , which means that it has to be 2, 0, 2, 1. If it was the other way around, the 1 would also be in the correct position. There wouldn’t be one black peg. There would have to be two black pegs and so on. So we’re getting there. We’re starting to work through this using some logic and deduction. So now, if we know that there are three correct placements in this column going up and down, with the three dots there, this has to be a 1. It’s the only thing that could possibly make it true that there were three correctly-positioned numbers. This square has to be a 1 as well. It’s only way for the second row to be only a single black dot. If it was anything else, if it was a 0, rather, there would be two black dots, and if there was a 2, there would at least be a white dot to indicate that there was a correct number in the wrong spot. So this has to be a 1. By the same logic that we just applied to that row, these two values also have to be 1’s. And then finally, in order to preserve the truth of, both the first and the fourth rows, now that we have eliminated everything else, we know that these have to be 2’s. Now there’s a lot of steps there to figure it out. And you kind of have to get your head around the idea of the Mastermind game to do it. But once you apply the logic and the rules of all of the dots that you see around the perimeter of that grid, this is the final set of numbers. So now we can finally turn our attention to that second grid now that we have solved the first one. In each of those squares, we have three letters. And in each of the squares on the left , we have a number 0, 1 and 2. And although, typically, we might think of this as the first, second, and third letter of some set , if we, instead, think of it as a zeroth, first, and second letter of each set, what we can do is, we can take the number that we see on the left, and select that letter on the righn, again, treating 0 as the first one, and 2 as the third one, instead. And if we do that we highlight all of these letters here, which give us the phrase Mordecai Last Name, which, as you know, is not the answer to puzzle because we said that the answer to every puzzle, unless otherwise specified, is a single word or name. But there’s one more clue here. And again, we have to think back to the title of the puzzle –Mastermind. Mastermind was invented by a man whose first name is Mordecai, and his last name is Meirowitz. And that’s the answer the Mastermind puzzle.